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January 15, 2020

Coffee and Jesus

“Satisfy us in the morning with your unfailing love, that we may sing for joy and be glad all our days.” (Psalm 90:14)

I break the silence of the early morning hours and embrace my Hamilton Beach Coffee Brew Station. This is my sight for sore eyes before anyone else in my house awakens. The only thing my coffee pot could stand to do better is make itself. I love this thing. I just hold my trusty mug beneath the dispenser and inhale the fresh brewed aroma. No frills, but no spills and no heavy lifting before adequate stretching. It is great. We totally have a thing going–and it’s a good thing. It is hard to believe there is anything better, but we all know there is. 

A few years ago I voiced one simple prayer to GOD; “Lord, help me to desire you, in the morning, like I desire my first cup of coffee.” Being a mom of a then seven, five, and two-year old, my quiet times with the LORD had been nothing to write home about. They were hit or miss, more like a freak happening than a meaningful appointment. Sure, I read the Bible...The “Read With Me Story Bible” for kids, but that was pretty much it.

I could fan through my scripture to find something if I was in need, but I was void of meeting Him for the sake of His presence. I did not rise to admire His countenance, rest upon His mercy, or marvel at His grace. I was dry….dry like a piece of burnt toast; and I was as stale as that last burnt cup of coffee. The cup of java that sits there all day because no one wants to have that last gross cup; it’s the yucko cup, and everyone knows it. That cup of coffee was me.

It just so happened that while my non-existent quiet time was bothering me, my friend Teresa, felt the same. She was stagnant in her time with God, she too was looking for a shot in the arm as well as a shot of espresso in her cup. She wanted more, I wanted more, and we knew GOD was sitting there shouting, “Hey girls, there’s more!” Therefore, we made a pact. Teresa agreed to call or text me every morning at 5 am to ask me one question, “You meeting with Jesus?”

Let me explain, nothing will jolt you out of bed as much as a friend calling you to say, “Um… your Heavenly Savior, King of King, Lord of Lords, the One actually allowing you to breathe right now? Yeah….He is in your meeting spot. Where are you?” 

“I am up, I am up!” I don’t want to disappoint Jesus or Teresa.

Accountability is a strong motivator, and it is exactly what I needed to form a steady habit. This habit would soon become my passion, my new passion–better than a Pike’s Peak, Columbian, or Breakfast Blend kind of obsession!

So my Jesus, my coffee and me, we have ourselves a good thing going now; and it just keeps going and going. Coffee and Jesus, Jesus and coffee. I don’t always rise at five, but no matter when I rise, I have to meet with my King. And it’s not the same meeting every time. I let Him lead, and I just bring the joe. I go to bed excited to meet Him and I often drift off to sleep wondering what we will discover the next morning. He has a lot to teach me. 

I don’t need the wake up call anymore; my time alone with God is more vital than any first cup of freshly ground anything. Other people may need to spend time with God during other times of the day, or even with a different beverage booster in hand. He is the one who showed me when we should have our meeting; He may tell you something different. All I know is that for me, He is a fabulous start to my day, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Prayer: Thank you, Lord, for giving me a friend to provide the strength, discipline and encouragement I needed when I couldn’t even lift my head off my pillow. I love you, and can’t wait to spend time with you!

Suggested Reading: Psalm 5

Leah Taylor

Baseball Chapel
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