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October 6, 2020

Healing Rain

"You have turned my mourning into joyful dancing." (Psalm 30:11)

Michael W. Smith sings a beautiful song about healing rain - the rain that cleanses us and makes us new again. So many times we think healing has to be physical, like when Jesus healed the man with leprosy (Mark 1:40) or the man with seizures, or the sick (Matthew 8:16-17, 28-32). But healing can take place mentally and emotionally as well. 

As the playoffs are taking place, I sit back and watch and feel like I’m there all over again. We were in the playoffs the last 5 years of our career, ending with the 2001 World Series - Diamondbacks vs. Yankees. Our dream was finally going come true! After 16 years of baseball, we would end our career with a World Series Ring! Bottom of the 9th, we had the lead with one out to go. What a way to end a wonderful career! But wait a minute - that was out of Jeter's reach! Oh no! The Diamondbacks won the game!

I cry as I relive that moment. We waited so long for it and it was gone just like that. Wow! Talk about an emotional rollercoaster. Not only was I stressed with dealing with all the family, tickets and hotel arrangements for everyone, but then we just lost the game that we knew was the “icing on the cake” for a fairytale career. My heart dropped so far down I didn't think I would ever recover. It was like I was mourning; so unexplainable. I cried all night, the whole plane ride home and every time someone let us know how close we were...(like we didn't know). 

The reason I share this is because I needed serious healing. I needed healing from a broken heart, from bitterness towards players that I thought didn’t try hard enough, towards family members who didn't understand that this was not a vacation, but my husband's job. I also needed inner healing because I couldn't find a peace about the whole situation. I just didn't understand God's plan and it was hurting me. The healing came when I confessed all this to God. As the song says, "Healing rain just drenched me.” I could actually feel the healing taking place.

God showed me that this was just another season in our career. He has a bigger challenge for us - and a much bigger ring. I now understand that our goal is to serve our King and not to serve "The Ring." I do get emotional from time to time as I watch the playoffs, but I have been healed from all the emotional battles that took place. I look back and would trade nothing in the world for where I am now: living and serving My Heavenly Father in the Big Game of Life. 

Ladies, I've been there. Try to take these games and treasure them as memories to share with generations to come, but don't take them personally or allow the enemy to use this time to create conflicts with family and friends. You only experience this once in a lifetime, a few more times if you’re truly blessed, but take it all in stride and enjoy it. I know it's hard, but just put it in God's hands and sit back and enjoy the game.

Prayer: Father, this time is so hard and stressful. Give peace, love and comfort to the teams playing right now, and all of the wives, and allow their minds and bodies to rest.

Suggested Reading: Proverbs 3

Jeanie Velarde

Baseball Chapel
P.O. Box 10102
Largo, FL 33773

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