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May 22, 2020

Be Still

"Be still, and know that I am God..." (Psalm 46:10)

Let me take you back in time to an important lesson the Lord taught me...

Cal had been feeling rough for a couple of months: cough, congestion and worn out. He had to have some tests run at the doctors' office and then he went on to the ballpark. I got a phone call from him around 4:00pm telling me the team doctors wanted to put him in the hospital that night; they saw some things that concerned them and wanted to do further testing in the morning. It was precautionary. They just wanted him there in case things got worse. The challenging part was that all of this concern was focused on his heart. 

The ball was set into motion and I began to figure out who could stay with four of our kids while I took the baby with me. In a flurry of calls, the details were worked out. The pace was hectic, but I needed to get the hospital and there were the children to think about. In a peaceful moment my neighbor appeared at the front door. She looked at me and gave me a hug. The weight of the situation started to hit me. are not sure what is wrong...

So much. Too much going through my head. My neighbor, Michelle could see it. She had just been through my mom's death with me two months earlier. She could feel the pressure surrounding me as the wheels turned and I tried to get my bearings. What she said next was simple and profound, "When I am in moments like this I just remember the Bible verse 'Be still and know that I am God.'"  The instant she spoke the words, they fell on my ears and rested down to my heart. She was right. There was very little I could do, and even then most of it was not good for me. I could rush around in a panic attack. I could stress myself out even more by thinking the worst case scenario will be my case. What God says I must do is to "be still." 

I breathed a sigh, started to cry and remembered to trust Him with yet another circumstance. It is necessary to make plans and get details worked out, but as women who God loves, we are also to slow down and work out things in a stillness that comes when we know Him. I needed to hear from Him, His words through a sister in the Lord.

Remain in Him through the trials. Keep a clear focus in “being still” even in the midst of busy moments. Know that He is who He says He is. Know that He has this and every other situation under control. Know that you can trust Him.

The days following were difficult and Cal had a viral infection that was very serious, but I knew a still and know that I am God...and it blessed me.

Prayer: Lord, help me to remember to put you first, to calm down, to be still and to know that You are God. Thank you for blessing when I am still and for reminding when I am not.

Suggested Reading: Psalm 46:1-11

Christi Eldred

Baseball Chapel
P.O. Box 10102
Largo, FL 33773

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