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Saturday/Sunday: July 8, 2019

Limited Resources?

“Bring them here to Me.” (Matthew 14:18)

Do you find yourself in a situation in which you simply do not have enough? Maybe it is money you need, or patience, or wisdom. Whatever it may be, you are lacking.

Consider the disciples as read in Matthew 14. One of the most prominent leaders of their movement, John the Baptist, had been beheaded (vs. 10). Jesus, the One on whom the whole movement was focused, was saddened by the news about John. Jesus and the disciples tried to withdraw from the crowd for some renewal, to no avail. The crowd invaded their private retreat. Then Jesus gave the disciples the daunting task of feeding over 5000 people with only five loaves of bread and two fish. Circumstances were not good. Emotions were flat. Expectations were high. Resources were low.

Then the God of the universe gave the most profound yet simple solution to all of their problems. Amazingly, His solution remains the answer to any situation in which a Christ-follower has more needs than resources to meet those needs: “Bring them here to Me.” Jesus asked the disciples to bring the food they had and simply trust Him that it would be enough to feed the masses.

Jesus’s answer teaches us to bring whatever resource we have and simply make it available to Him. Take your plans, your ideas, your money, your talents and any other resources you might lean on and bring them to Jesus. Lay them at His feet and trust Him with them. Then get out of the way and let Him do His thing. Just make sure you are prepared and willing to collect the leftovers!

Question: Are you trying to conquer whatever problems you are currently facing with your own strength and resources?

Challenge: Read the gospel of Matthew and make note of the times Jesus solved a problem.

Prayer: God, I give you everything that I might be tempted to depend upon. Take those things and make them Yours. Then show me how to use them for Your glory.

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