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May 10, 2019


“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied.” (Matthew 5:6)

My wife has said to me recently, “Are you eating again? You seem to eat all the time.” I think that is one of the reasons I stay active. I love to eat. I eat because I am hungry, but I must admit that I don’t always eat the healthiest stuff. Often when I eat “junk” I am filled up for a while, but not really satisfied. I don’t know about you, but I am most happy when I am satisfied.

At the sermon on the mount Jesus begins with some statements that map out a new standard for living; righteousness. He spells out how a citizen of the kingdom really lives and one of the clear marks is someone who hungers and thirsts for the right thing. John MacArthur says “The heart of every person in the world, believer or unbeliever, was created with a hunger for God. But man tries to satisfy hunger for God with all of the wrong things.”

To hunger and thirst means to desire. When we come to Jesus Christ we hunger and thirst for His righteousness and then as we walk with Him we hunger and thirst for more of it. The magnificent truth is that this is not a righteousness of our own or based on our own works, but the righteousness of Christ that is transferred to those who surrender to His leadership.

If we want to be satisfied we will choose to be hungry and thirsty for His righteousness. We will never be satisfied with the external things we sometimes seek. Let’s choose to create an appetite for Him and His righteousness.

Question: What are you honestly hungry for? Is it for power, praise, possessions, pleasure, or for righteousness?

Challenge: Cultivate an appetite for living right under God’s standards by His definition. That means that we seek to desire or hunger to live the way that He desires.

Prayer: Lord, help me to desire and a hunger and thirst for You and for living the way You desire. May I grasp that nothing else can truly satisfy.

Mason Randall, Chapel Leader -- Texas Rangers

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