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August 13, 2019

The Aha Moment

And behold, a man came up to him, saying, “Teacher, what good deed must I do to have eternal life?” (Matthew 19:16)

My profession is teaching. In fact, I teach future teachers how to teach. I believe one of the most powerful approaches in teaching is to lead students to an “Aha Moment.” That is the point at which the student suddenly, and often surprisingly, discovers the point of the lesson. In Matthew 19 we find the Master Teacher leading an inquisitive pupil to an “Aha Moment.”

The wealthy young ruler asked Jesus what he needed to do in order to be in right standing before God. The small word, “do” gives significant insight into the ruler’s beliefs. He evidently, believed he could earn his way into heaven. He was so accustomed to the world’s system that he naturally applied those same ideas to the spiritual world. Notice Jesus did not correct him but rather accommodated his thinking by giving him a list of commandments that needed to be kept. Interestingly, Jesus gave him the commandments pertaining to relationships among men rather than between God and man. He did this knowing the ruler would immediately claim success in these areas, which he did.

Jesus had one more step in leading the ruler to his “Aha Moment,” telling him to sell everything, give the profit to the poor and then follow Him. Suddenly, the ruler’s questions and his false sense of security came crashing down. His “Aha Moment,” was learning that God wants our hearts and our lives, not our good deeds. The ruler obviously put his wealth and belongings above all else. He learned he was to have no other god in his life other than the God. He also learned he was unwilling to make such a commitment.

Question: What are you unwilling to surrender to God? Is your commitment to God without rival?

Challenge: How we spend our money and time is very revealing. Check your bank account and calendar for items that you may be prioritizing before God.

Prayer: Father, please reveal any areas in my life in which I am holding back. Show me any gods that I have allowed to distract me from You. Help me deal with these issues quickly and severely. Amen.

Chris Hail, Chapel Leader -- Jackson Generals

Baseball Chapel
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Largo, FL 33773

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