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June 17, 2020

The Genuine Article

“The goal of this command is love, which comes from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith.” (1 Timothy 1:5)

Many years ago, I attended a ceremony commemorating the naming of a high school baseball field in honor of one of the school’s former graduates. The alumnus had gone on to achieve a long and successful career in Major League Baseball and had returned with his family to his hometown to begin his retirement.

The celebration was well-attended and festive, the list of speakers consisting of former coaches, teammates, friends and local dignitaries. One by one, they strode to the microphone and spoke not only of the impressive athletic accomplishments of the honoree, but even more so of his virtues of faith, humility, kindness, and generosity of spirit. There were stories of impact, influence, and a life distinguished by its Christian quality. The most memorable and significant testimony, however, came from the final speaker of the day, our guest of honor’s wife.

“I just want you to know,” she began, “that the man you’ve all described is exactly the man I know. What my husband is in public, he also is in private ...”

I don’t think a wife can speak more affirming words than those I heard spoken that day. The respect of our peers is rewarding and generally not easily garnered. But the admiration of our wives is the most telling and credible evidence of the authenticity of our faith.

Success has been defined in many ways, each definition being a direct reflection of what is valued. Though I’m not aware of the original source, there’s a definition I once heard that I think is particularly worthy of aspiring to:

Success: When the people who know you the best love you the most.

Question: Is your inner character equal to your outside reputation?

Challenge: Our friendships can be favorably maintained without the constant nurturing and sacrifice required of a God-honoring marriage. Husbands, how are you doing on the latter?

Prayer: Lord, cultivate in me a faith that cannot be feigned, but that produces fruit that is the true and undeniable product of your transforming power ... for your glory.

Arnie Knecht, Chapel Leader -- Texas Air Hogs

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