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February 9, 2021

The Opposite of Faith

“As the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without deeds is dead.” (James 2:26)

In a recent Bible study, I came across the question, “what is the opposite of faith?”  That question intrigued me, because we learn a lot about meaning when we think of opposites. 

My first thought was that doubt is the opposite of faith. Then I considered that doubt can often lead to faith. Through the years, I have seen people’s doubt, once faced and explored, bring them to trust God in deeper and more powerful ways. Doubt became a pathway to faith, not its opposite.

Then I thought about fear. While I have felt fear attack my faith, I am not convinced that fear and faith are opposites. Fear can challenge my faith. It can distract me from faith. But, once again, I have seen people overcome fear with faith. Trusting God and His perfect love puts fear to flight.

Maybe the best opposite of faith is simple idleness. Faith in God is trust in action. In many ways, faith is like a muscle. The more we use it, the stronger it gets. So, those things in life that challenge our faith actually make it stronger. But, if we do nothing with our faith; if we sit on the sidelines, never challenged to trust God in everyday life; if we are idle, then our faith shrivels, just like muscles shrivel when never used. Idleness might see innocent enough, but it is actually more deadly to our faith that any doubt or fear.

Question: Where is God calling you to put your faith into action?

Challenge: Spiritual idleness is deadly to our faith. Get involved, live out your faith!

Prayer: Lord Jesus, my faith needs to grow stronger. Show me where to put it into action today.

Dude Garrett, Chapel Leader -- Fargo-Moorhead Redhawks

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