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-- Baseball Chapel Prayer Requests --

The following covet your prayers:

Pray for families of those who have experienced the death of a loved one.

   Requests Updated
   Hickory Crawdads: Comfort and travel mercies for Fernando Sarria traveling to Columbia. His mother recently passed. 05/15/19
   Lakewood Blueclaws: Family of former Chapel Leader John Helm who went to be with the Lord (wife Virginia, son, 3 daughters). 05/01/19
   Trenton Thunder: Family of former player Jeff Kennard who lost a battle with cancer leaving behind a wife and 2 young boys. 04/19/19

Pray for the following concerns within the baseball family.

   Requests Updated
   New York Mets: Announcer Ron Darling diagnosed with thyroid cancer. 05/17/19
   Sacramento River Cats: Pitchers: Carlos Nava mother's medical issues (Eris) Tabara and Fernando Abad's cousin Ivaria battling cancer. 05/17/19
   Midland RockHounds: Pitching coach Greg Hibbard, had to leave the road trip early due to heart palpitations. 05/17/19
   Hagerstown Suns: Infielder Kyle Marinconz's father is having hip replacement surgery. 05/06/19
   Midland RockHounds: Pitcher Logan Verrett has a little girl due to be born on June 14. Pray for mother too. 04/19/19
   Wisconsin Timber Rattlers: Manager Matt Erikson's father (Bruce) on this list consistently last year, brain cancer, returned from the Mayo Clinic and his cancer is in remission! Continue to pray. 04/19/19

Pray for the ministry and special needs of the Baseball Chapel Leaders.

   Requests Updated
   Sioux Falls Canaries: Father, Warren, of Chapel Leader Corey Camp has Diffused Large B Cell Lymphoma. He's doing well after 2nd dose of chemo, isn't experiencing negative side effects, tumor is shrinking. 05/21/19
   Lake Elsinore Storm: Chapel Leader Monte Jones father (Chester). Facing loosing the foot, doctors were having trouble opening a pathway for blood to the foot. They had given up when, unexplainedly, blood began breaking through to the foot. Monte said it was miraculous. 05/21/19
   Clinton LumberKings: Chapel Leader Ray Giminez grounded from ministry until June 1st. On antibiotics for serious infection. Experiencing a lot of pain lately. 05/20/19
   Saint Paul Saints: Chapel Leader Darrell Amacker (serious kidney issues) was able to be at chapel for the first time after missing last season. Is improving. Still praying to get off dialysis. 05/20/19
   Toronto Spring (Major): Chapel Leader Mike Hurn had ankle surgery May 2nd. Has been bed-ridden. Pray for recovery. 05/20/19
   Corpus Christi Hooks: Wife of Sonny Aguilar (Molly) with an aneurysm. Sonny is stepping out of his chapel leader role for 2019 to focus on Molly. Depression and struggles with medications are impacting rehabilitation. 05/20/19
   Lake County Captains: Jeff Calloway had partial colon removal due to diverticulitis. Initially good result but has developed complications severe enough he will be stepping down from his Chapel Leader role for 2019. 05/17/19
   Richmond Flying Squirrels: Mother (Rose) of Chapel Leader Jeff Gurnett who was recently in critical condition is making great progress. She is no longer relying on a breathing tube but has developed a Staff infection. 05/17/19
   Evansville Otters: Tryrone Edwards mother has pancreatic cancer and is living with him and his wife. 05/15/19
   Frederick Keys: Father-in-Law (Joseph) of Chapel Leader Edwing Mendez is recovering well from hip surgery. 05/14/19
   Pulaski Yankees: Chapel Leader Jerry Johnson has temporarily stepped out of serving (stroke). Is now walking with a cane, speech is 80% restored. Has positive outlook. 05/14/19
   Palm Beach Cardinals: Fiance' (Kathy) of Chapel Leader Mike Tobey starts 7th round of chemo Wednesday. CT Scan showed improvement. Majority of tumors stop growing. Liver numbers normalized. 05/14/19
   Portland Sea Dogs: Wife (Stacee) of Portland SeaDogs' Chapel Leader Ethan Smith. She has incurable cancer. Cancer has spread but not to vital organs. 05/06/19
   Toronto Spring (Extended): Cheryl Sanchez, the wife of Dunedin Blue Jays chapel leader, Carlos has been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. 04/12/19

Pray for umpires and their specific requests.

   Requests Updated
   South Atlantic League umpire Josh Gilreath's grandmother, broken hip. 05/17/19
   Carolina League umpire Kyle Wallace, his wife's appendix burst. Sore but improving. 05/06/19
   International League umpire Chris Graham whose wife is due in the next couple of months. 04/26/19
   Southern League umpire Austin Jones, his mother-in-law has ovarian cancer. 04/26/19
   Many umpires and players are consistently asking prayer for Venezuela. 04/19/19
   International League umpire Jeremy Riggs (new baby) asked for prayer for encouragement and strength for his wife while he's on the road. 04/16/19

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