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-- Baseball Chapel Prayer Requests --

The following covet your prayers:

Pray for families of those who have experienced the death of a loved one.

   Requests Updated
   Everett AquaSox: Pray for Keith Sheppard and family in the loss of his mother-in-law Gerrilyn to cancer. 09/11/19

Pray for the following concerns within the baseball family.

   Requests Updated
   Philadelphia Phillies: JT Realmuto (C), his cousin Nick (22 years of age) has cancer and been given 6 months to live. 08/03/19
   Lakewood Blueclaws: Coach Adam Godwin's wife has a severe infection. 08/02/19
   Lexington Legends: For CJ Elred (P) and family as they deal with grandmother who has Alzheimers. 08/02/19
   Charleston Riverdogs: Eduardo Navas (C) recovering from a concussion. 08/02/19
   Retired Players/Coaches/Personnel: Lee Landers, recently retired Appalachian League President who has had a series of physical issues which has him hospitalized 07/17/19
   York Revolution: Edwin Carl (P), his wife is facing major surgery. 07/16/19
   Lexington Legends: Brhet Bewley (IF) family as they deal with the passing of his mother. 07/16/19
   Lakewood Blueclaws: Stadium staffer Pat McCarthy battling pancreatic cancer. 07/16/19
   Delmarva Shorebirds: Jean Carmona (SS) asked for payer for his leg injury. 07/16/19
   Gary SouthShore Railcats: Shawn O'Malley (IF) wife is having twins around Thanksgiving. 07/16/19
   Norwich Sea Unicorns: Jordon Verdon (IF) mom, auto-immune disease causing pain. 07/16/19
   Trenton Thunder: Ben Ruta (OF) grandfather Alan has stage 4 cancer. 07/16/19
   Cleveland Indians: Carlos Carrasco battling Leukemia. 07/16/19
   Princeton Rays: Outfielder Logan Allen had knees surgery and will take 4-6 weeks to recover. 07/05/19
   New York Mets: Outfielder Brandon Nimmo on disabled list with a neck injury. 07/05/19
   Chattanooga Lookouts: Pitcher Jesse Stallings' sister experiencing pregnancy complications and his cousin had a child born prematurely and is in NICU. 07/05/19
   Seattle Mariners: Pitcher Chasen Bradford's father Doug had sudden, but successful triple-bypass surgery. Pray for his recovery. 07/05/19
   York Revolution: Pitcher Josh Judy's aunt has throat cancer, pray for healing and recovery. 06/07/19
   PR Guaynabo: From Puerto Rico Doble A league Juan Reyes's mother who has Lou Gehrig Syndrome. 05/24/19
   Birmingham Barons: Outfielder Blake Rutherford's father-in-law has brain cancer. 05/24/19
   Sacramento River Cats: Pitchers: Carlos Nava mother's medical issues (Eris) Tabara and Fernando Abad's cousin Ivaria battling cancer. 05/17/19

Pray for the ministry and special needs of the Baseball Chapel Leaders.

   Requests Updated
   Pawtucket Red Sox: Mike and Kathy Buffi's daughter Erika is in the Mayo Clinic. She is out of intensive care. She still has swelling of the spinal column area preventing her from being able to walk. 10/10/19
   Sioux Falls Canaries: Father, Warren, of Chapel Leader Corey Camp, his last PET scan show NO signs of cancer! 10/10/19
   Palm Beach Cardinals: Fiance' (Kathy) of Chapel Leader Mike Tobey is showing improvement in cancer battle. Pray for recovery from surgery performed 9/10. 09/11/19
   Charleston Riverdogs: Chapel Leader Ben Borerro had a biopsy on his bladder cancelled for 9/4 because of Dorian. Rescheduled for 9/18. 09/10/19
   Tampa Bay Rays: Luke Sawyer (Baseball Chapel Staff), his wife's (Abby's) father Jim has begun he 4th round of chemo. Recent scans look good. Abby's mother has been diagnosed with breast cancer. 09/10/19
   Portland Sea Dogs: Wife (Stacee) of Portland SeaDogs' Chapel Leader Ethan Smith. Last report was treatments working so well against her cancer are damaging her liver. They have been treating were with IV steroids since then to improve liver function. 09/09/19
   Pittsburgh Pirates: Chapel Leader Brad Henderson who was in a bike accident. Concussion, 8 broken ribs, a fractured vertebrae. 09/09/19
   Lake Elsinore Storm: Chapel Leader Monte Jones father (Chester), his foot received some great news recently and his sister will not lose her finger from a horse riding incident. 09/09/19
   Richmond Flying Squirrels: Mother (Rose) of Chapel Leader Jeff Gurnett has left the rehab hospital and is now home! 09/09/19
   Toronto MLB Spring: Chapel Leader Mike Hurn had ankle surgery May 2nd. Is now in physical therapy and walking on his own with a slight limp. 08/09/19
   Lake County Captains: Jeff Calloway gaining strength. Still has an ostomy and a small open wound. Plans return to ministry next season. 08/09/19
   Saint Paul Saints: Chapel Leader Darrell Amacker is pursuing alternative treatments to rebuild and regenerate the kidneys he has. 07/26/19
   Pulaski Yankees: Chapel Leader Jerry Johnson has temporarily stepped out of serving (stroke). Working on recovery via speech, occupational, and physical therapy. 07/09/19
   Greensboro Grasshoppers: Carroll Huffman's mother diagnosed with liver cancer. Latest is it has not spread to colon nor esophagus. Checked pancreas, awaiting results and starting chemo. 07/09/19
   Toronto Extended: Cheryl Sanchez, the wife of Dunedin Blue Jays chapel leader, Carlos has been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer but doctors like her progress from Chemo. 06/03/19
   Corpus Christi Hooks: Wife of Sonny Aguilar (Molly) with an aneurysm. Sonny is stepping out of his chapel leader role for 2019 to focus on Molly. Depression and struggles with medications are impacting rehabilitation. 05/20/19

Pray for umpires and their specific requests.

   Requests Updated
   Califormia League umpire Harrison Silverman's brother Aaron recovery from brain surgery (removal of tumor). 08/02/19
   California League umpire Anthony Warren recovering from concussion after hit by a bat. 08/02/19
   Texas Air Hogs: American Association umpire Marty Bauers recently injured by a foul ball. 08/02/19
   Pacific Coast League umpire Edwin Moscoso nephew, brain tumor. 07/16/19
   Pioneer League umpire Shin Koishizawa, broken toe. 07/16/19
   American Association umpire Brad Snyder's grandfather passed away. 07/16/19
   California League umpire Harrison Silverman brother diagnosed with a brain tumor. 07/16/19
   Midwest League umpire Pete Talkington was hit in the face by a line drive on June 18th. Will need reconstructive surgery on facial bones. 07/15/19
   Many umpires and players are consistently asking prayer for Venezuela one stating his family/friends are struggling to get food/supplies and are often in danger. 06/21/19
   Reading Fightin Phils: Eastern League umpire Joe Gonzalez's wife who is having complication with her pregnancy. 05/24/19
   Southern League umpire Austin Jones, his mother-in-law has ovarian cancer. 04/26/19

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