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November 14, 2022

Living Worship

“I urge you, brothers, in light of God’s mercy, to present your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and acceptable, which is your spiritual act of worship.” (Romans 12:1)

Worship is a word we hear a lot these days. We have “worship bands”, “worship teams”, “worship leaders”, “worship seminars” and even “worship albums”. We hear phrases like, “Let’s begin our time of worship today...” or “You can’t worship sitting down!” There are songs about worship, books about worship and classes on worship. It makes me wonder, though, with all this emphasis on worship – how often do we truly worship the Lord?

The God of the Bible is not good because He is good to me – He is good. Period. Everything He chooses to do is good and right because He is good and right. This holy, almighty God deserves true worship from all of his creation. Too many of us, though, miss the meaning of “worship” because we’re so distracted by “worshipping”. According to Romans 12:1, my spiritual act of worship is something very specific. It involves a decision I make based on the great mercy that God has bestowed on me. Because of His mercy He sent Jesus to take my place on the cross. Because of His mercy He extended salvation to me rather than eternal condemnation. Because of His mercy He placed the punishment for my sin on the back of my Savior. Because of His mercy I have been lifted from death to life. And because of that mercy I am compelled to give myself to Him – wholly and completely – to do with whatever He pleases. Not just my heart. Not just my mind. Not just my money. Myself – my hands, my feet, my intellect, my words, my voice, my eyes – I die to my own desires and plans for myself and turn everything over to Him. I will go where He wants me to go, be what He wants me to be, say what He wants me to say, do what He wants me to do, earn what He wants me to earn, buy what He wants me to buy... in a way that is holy and pure and pleasing to Him. WHY? Because THAT is my spiritual ACT of worship.

It’s easy to sing the songs – the melodies and lyrics stir our hearts to respond with feelings of love and awe. The truth of your worship, though, will be seen in your living.

Prayer: Father God, you are holy and just and have been merciful beyond words. Thank you the way you proved your love on Calvary. Help me to prove my love and worship for you each day as I live each moment for you.

Suggested Reading: Romans 12

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