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Saturday/Sunday: September 7, 2022

Share Joy

"Mary Magdalene went to the disciples with the good news: 'I have seen the Lord!' And she told them all he had said to her." (John 20:18)

This lifestyle can wear on all of us women and being to steal our joy. I know that often my heart has grown heavy from the journey. My desire to "shoulder the burden" myself sometimes wears me down. However, with all that goes on in our lives, it is important to note that a heavy heart is not of the Lord’s making. Christ our Lord is hope, joy, and love. The Lord desires that we live a joy-filled life that glows with the inner joy He brings.

Think about the things that make you happy and bring joy to your heart. Maybe it’s a child or a pet, the ability to smell flowers after a spring rain or witnessing an older person light-up when they kiss a spouse they have loved all their life. Maybe it’s having a healthy body or singing or playing an instrument. Possibly it's something as simple as having someone to say "I love you" to. These things that bring you joy, dear woman, are some of the things God uses to remind you of how much He loves you.

As a follower of Christ it is important to share that joy and love with others. Joyfully showing the love of God can take many forms: paying an elderly person an honest compliment, buying a less-fortunate family's meal anonymously at a restaurant, or even earnestly saying “God Bless You” to a stranger.

The point is, the things that give us joy are meant to be shared with others because in doing so, we show God's love. You see, even when we are heavy hearted, God will still give us the strength to do what matters. He will help us through so we can again share our joy with others.

When Christ was crucified on the cross and lay in the tomb, His followers were filled with heavy hearts. Yet, it was the women's hearts that broke at the foot of that cross; it was the women who prepared spices to care for Christ's broken body; and on the third day, it was a sorrow-filled woman who came to the empty tomb only to have her sorrow replaced with joy! Even with heavy hearts in that darkest hour, the women who followed Jesus cared for their fallen Savior, and it was also a woman whom God chose to first share the good news of Christ’s resurrection!

Mary Magdalene had the special privilege to share that hope and love had been restored for all mankind in a risen Savior. God could have had the angel at the tomb speak to the men later in the day, but no! He chose Mary, the woman who was broken and couldn't sleep, who arose early in the morning to look for her Lord. She got to bring the most wonderful news of all!

We, dear women, are no strangers to enduring heavy hearts. But rejoice and remember that we, with God’s grace, are also strong enough to persevere and carry the good news! Be filled with joy, dear woman, for a woman of joy is a beautiful thing to behold. Can you imagine the beauty of Mary as she shared the good news on that blessed day? I’ll bet she was stunning.

Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father, may your love show in the joy that is within me today. Help me to reach out to at least one person today Lord, and tell them how special they are to me.

Suggested Reading: John 20:1-18


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