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August 2, 2022

Being in the Know

"I keep asking that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the glorious Father, may give you the Spirit of wisdom and revelation, so that you may know him better.” (Ephesians 1:17)

l will never forget the conversation I had with a bank teller about three years into Alvin’s Major League career. She apologized for not knowing who my husband was the last time I was in. Apparently, her husband had since informed her that Alvin was one of “their Mariners.” I quickly assured her that since I wasn’t a natural born baseball fan myself, I wouldn’t have known who he was either if I wasn’t married to him!

I’ve come to realize that there are two types of knowing someone. The teller’s husband knew Alvin - but really, he simply knew of Alvin. I, on the other hand, knew Alvin well. We had a relationship of mutual knowledge on many levels.

The Bible reveals that people will know Jesus in these same two ways. Jesus Himself tells us in Matthew 7:21-23 that some people will call Him “Lord” (they will know of Him by this name) but they will not enter the kingdom of heaven. He will declare to them, “I never knew you.” This was so startling to me when I first read it as a young Christian! How could someone call Jesus Lord, do things in His name and then have Him tell them that He never knew them? Over the years, I’ve learned from His Word that God’s plan for us is to have a deep, personal relationship with Him. 

In order for the bank teller’s husband to really know Alvin, they would have had to have spent time together, learning about one another, and growing in their relationship. Jesus wants us to get to know Him in the same way, to know Him intimately. He has invited us to spend time with Him, dining with Him and sitting at His feet (Revelation 3:20). Let’s take the King of Kings up on His invitation!

We can do this by reading and studying God’s love letter to us (the Bible). We can have conversations with Jesus in prayer, talking and listening with an open heart. 

As a young wife and mother, the most important part of my spiritual life was getting to know Jesus through His word. After more than 25 years, I’m still getting to know Him!

Prayer: Father God, thank you for loving me so deeply, and for wanting an intimate relationship with me. Thank you for Jesus, who made our relationship possible on the cross.

Suggested Reading: Matthew 7:13-27

Kim Davis

Baseball Chapel
P.O. Box 10102
Largo, FL 33773

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