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May 13, 2022

The Other Side

"On the same day, when evening had come, He said to them 'Let us cross over to the other side.'” (Mark 4:35)

My husband was selected by his manager to pitch the season opener one year. After retiring the first 5 batters, he injured his arm and had to leave the game. After 4 surgeries, this was not the way to begin a season. If I had to listen to one more well-meaning person say, “Maybe the Lord is trying to tell you something,” I might not have had a Christ-like response.

It was the Sunday following my husband’s injury when the Lord revealed a scripture to me like never before. In the beginning of Mark 4:35, the Lord tells the disciples that they are going to set out to cross to the other side of the Sea of Galilee. God impressed upon me first of all, that “the other side” represents our desires, our dreams, our purpose, our goals.

Jesus and the disciples were going to embark on this journey to the other side when evening had come. In those times, it was common knowledge that storms always rose over the Sea of Galilee in the evening hours, yet that was the time the Lord picked to cross to the other side. Humanly speaking, it would not have been wise to set sail across the sea at a time when storms would surely come.

Many times in my life, I am afraid to admit that I have put more faith in my timing than God’s. This can be especially tempting when it comes to baseball. Don’t we all question roster moves when other players get moved up and our husband doesn’t? Yeah, I thought that was just me! It is vital to ask God daily to increase my faith about his timing.

Early in my husband’s career, one of the major league player’s wives told me to enjoy all the time we spent in the minor leagues. She advised me not to focus so much on making it to the big leagues but to enjoy the journey because there were lessons to be learned there. After five years of lessons, being moved up, moved down, and being released, my only peace came from knowing and understanding that God’s timing is perfect.

As you continue to read the scripture, you see that shortly after they embarked on their journey, “a great windstorm arose and waves beat into the boat.” The Lord revealed to me that although his timing is perfect, he does not promise a life without storms. It is during the storms that we begin to question whether we are acting in the will of God.

In 6 years of professional baseball, we spent 3 of them rehabbing from injuries. It’s only natural to wonder if were are exactly where God wanted us to be. That’s exactly how I felt the first game of that season when the trainer went out to tend to my husband on the mound. However, those questions were answered through this scripture.

The Lord spoke to my heart that day and told me that just because we have faced opposition, didn’t mean we weren’t acting in his will. Just like the disciples in the boat, the Lord commanded me to have faith and to keep my eyes fixed on “the other side” because He was, after all, in the boat with me!

Prayer: Lord, help me to keep my eyes fixed on the other side, rather than on the windstorms and the waves. Increase my faith in your timing and give me wisdom to understand when I am acting out of your will.

Suggested Reading: Mark 4

Amy Lord

Baseball Chapel
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