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January 13, 2022

Pursue Peace

" peace and pursue it." (Psalm 34:14)

This week the word "Peace" has been everywhere. Not only has it shown up multiple times in my daily bible readings, but many friends have chosen "Peace" as their word of the year.

I think of "Peace" in two different ways. There is the peace that transcends all understanding, the kind that falls on you like a heavy blanket in a time of panic, and the daily peace that comes with living your life for Jesus.

I can think of a few times in my life where God's unmistakable peace covered me in a dramatic way. The first time, I was standing at the top of the church steps in a white dress, shaking from head to toe, about to walk down the aisle. I didn't know God very well, but I cried out to Him anyways, and He answered with a rushing wind of peace that flooded my soul. I knew in that instant that He was real, and He was with me.

Another time, I had just been in a horrible car accident that could have easily killed me. A few days later, I was fearfully merging onto the highway in my tiny Honda Civic, surrounded by behemoth semi trucks, when I cried out to God to calm my anxious heart. Intantly I felt a physical pressure across my chest, like a hug, and just like that, my fears were relieved.

But what about the everyday worries of life? The low hum of anxiety that threatens the joy and well-being of your spirit? This is the peace we are called to seek and pursue. Not once. Daily. Hourly. Minute-by-minute.

Every morning, we are to wake up with a mouth full of praise. Every day we are to make the choice to once again follow Jesus. This kind of daily peace doesn't happen by accident. But through prayer and reading God's Word, we become God-seekers, full of God.

He is here. He is near. Make the choice each day to follow Him and walk in the way of peace.

Prayer: God thank You for your perfect peace. May my lungs always be filled with your praise as I seek to walk in Your ways.

Suggested Reading: Colossians 3:1-17

Alysa Bajenaru

Baseball Chapel
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