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November 10, 2022

God’s Definition of a Good Day

“Walk in wisdom toward outsiders, making the best use of the time.” (Colossians 4:5)

Time is our most limited and precious asset. There is nothing we can do to create more time. There is nothing we can do to stop the passing of time. We all have the same amount of time each day. We have financial investors to help us think about how to invest our money, but who do we go to for advice on investing our time?

God says we are to make the best use of time. Ultimately our time is not our time. Our days are in God’s hands. Every moment of our lives is another moment where God is letting us breathe His air with the lungs He gave us. All time is God’s, and He gives us time so that we might pursue His purposes. This verse in Colossians tells us that the best use of our time is to walk in wisdom toward outsiders. By outsiders, Paul means those who are outside the faith, those who are not Christians. He doesn’t tell us not to walk with them, to dissociate from them. No, we are to spend time with people who don’t know Jesus, but we need to walk in wisdom.

Wisdom is living according to the truth. In John 14:6, Jesus says that He is the truth. And so the best way we can use our time is to spend time with those who don’t know Jesus and to live in the truth of Jesus. We need to let His light shine through us through the good we do for others and through sharing the good news with others. People only care about what we have to say when they know we care. And so we have to be kind and caring towards outsiders. But we must speak and share the good news of Jesus because if we don’t, they will just think we are good people and not understand that God is a great God. 

So use your time to live and share about Jesus. That’s God’s definition of a day well spent.

Question: When was the last time you shared with someone about Jesus?

Challenge: Think about one person you know who doesn’t know Jesus and do something kind for them. God often uses kindness to open the door to share about Jesus.

Prayer: God, help me to not be selfish with the time you’ve given me. Help me to use time for your purposes that my life might be glorifying to your name.

Jeff Boettcher, Chapel Leader -- Philadelphia Phillies

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