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November 15, 2022

The Power of Prayer

“The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective." (James 5:16)

In 2007, I was a young infantry platoon leader getting ready for my first mission in Iraq. We ensured that all our weapons were locked and loaded, double checked our gear, and we triple checked our radio to make sure it worked properly. We even carried extra battery packs and conducted radio checks every hour to ensure we had direct communication with the headquarters. 

Much emphasis was given to ensure that our radio worked before a mission. Why? Because the most powerful weapon we carried was not our rifles, not the grenade launchers, not the .50 caliber machine gun, nor the anti-tank missiles. The most powerful weapon we carried was our radio. With the radio, we can call in steel rain of artillery fire; with the radio, we can call in for precise air support; and with the radio, we can call for reinforcement of more troops.

God has equipped us with a battlefield radio called “prayer,” that links us directly to Him. It is the most powerful weapon in our arsenal as soldiers of Christ. Prayer is our spiritual weapon that we can use regularly to request for support in our fight against the evil forces. When your temptation is too strong, pray for deliverance. When your fight is too intense, pray for strength. When you need more support and reinforcement, pray for help. 

The spiritual war for holiness in Christ is a war we are called to fight as soldiers of Christ. Use the weapons God has given you to fiercely wage war against evil. Your prayer is powerful and effective, and God hears your prayers. So pray regularly and pray often.

Question: If prayer links me directly to the creator of the universe, what am I missing out on by not praying regularly to God?

Challenge: Spend 10 minutes a day in prayer before reading your Bible and make it a daily habit.

Prayer: “Lord hear my prayers and do for me more than I can ask, think, or dream, in Jesus’ name. Amen.”

Tim Cho, Chapel Leader -- Washington Nationals

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